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St. Louis Day of .NET 2011

posted Aug 30, 2011, 8:11 PM by Scott Kuhl
This year we presented two topics at the St. Louis Day of .NET conference.

Customizing BlogEngine.NET 2.0

This year brings us a new version of BlogEngine.NET. WordPress is the big boy on the block, but if you want to stick with .NET, BlogEngine.NET is a great alternative. In this session you will quickly learn how download, setup and customize BlogEngine.NET 2. We will explore the various database options including SQL Server Compact. Then to truly customize your install we will create an HTML5 based theme complete with IE9 pinned site features, develop a custom control and widget, and create a custom extension. Finally we will review hosting options and a few SEO tweaks for IIS.

IE9 Pinned Sites

Get the most from your web sites for IE9 users. During this topic we will take an existing web site and add on features for IE pinning. We'll show you how to find, modify, create or purchase cheaply, high resolution favicons for the taskbar. We'll add thumbnail preview controls and jump lists that are both static and dynamic. We'll show you how to add notification indicators to the icon. And we'll add Pinify for jQuery integration.

Read more on GeeksWithBlogs and download the slides and source code.